Security Token Offering "STO"

Transfer Agent

CustodyWare platform support for Transfer Agent roles (click points to learn more)

Blockchain Custody

The CustodyWare solution allows a designated Transfer Agent to act as custodian of an investor's blockchain assets. The investor nominates the Transfer Agent and signs a blockchain transaction to give the Transfer Agent control of their holdings. On instruction from the investor, Transfer Agents can execute token transfers.

All transactions are signed by the Transfer Agent and are transparently and immutably stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. The cryptographic assets remain the property of the investor, however appointing a Transfer Agent allows the investor to securely manage their holding. Impersonation of the investor or the Transfer Agent is prevented as all transactions need to be cryptographically signed by the transfer agent.

CustodyWare allows Transfer agents to manage blockchain holdings on behalf of their clients reducing duplication and ensuring safe transparent custodianship of assets.

Efficient Operations

Hosted Web Portal

Avoid the worries of managing datacenter infrastructure. We provide a fully hosted and configured solution, tailored to your needs.

Extensive Reporting

We provide for all your reporting needs. Combine anonymized blockchain data with your secure storage of personal information to create compliant shareholder reports.

Rapid Time to Market

Our white-labelled app product lines for iOS and Android means a branded product can be delivered to your specifications in no time at all!

On-Site KYC Storage

We can guarantee personal data is never present on physical storage other than your own, hence enforcing all local and international laws surrounding data protection.

SEC Rule 17a-4(f) Compliance

We provide a compliant PIN secured hard drive to indefinitely store your gathered client data in accordance with SEC regulations.

Minimal On-Site IT Required

We host and manage everything, using the latest in Azure cloud services and iOS and Android app provisioning. Sit back, relax and concentrate on your business, not IT!

24x7 IT Support

We constantly monitor our deployed services and are ready to take you call to support your CustodyWare journey.

Full Business Process

All major transfer agent functions supported - Issuance, Custody, Transfer, Query, Reporting, Affiliates, Release

Trusteeship Roles

Trusteeship business processes for long term holds and release of ownership.

Compliant Securities Transfer

CustodyWare provides a user signature guarantee of the transfer of custody of blockchain assets to the Transfer Agent. An unalterable record of this custody transfer is stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Users are protected by a verifiable chain of trust between them and the Transfer Agent.

The institution is protected by proof that KYC/AML checks have been performed - these checks are notarized on the blockchain.

All transfer agent actions are signed on the blockchain providing a decentralized permanent record of all actions.


Generate Shareholder Listings

Medallion Guarantee

Stop Transfer

Restricted Securities Enforcement & Rule 144

Dividends and Interest Payments

Sale of Tokens

Cancelled Tokens

Affiliate Management

Post ICO Custody

Token Transfers, On Death STA TOD Rules and To and By Executors and Administrators, Trustees, Minors or Incompetents, Nominees, Debtors in Possession, Receivers, Assignees for the Benefit of Creditors and SIPA Trustees In Bankruptcy, Agents and Attorneys-In-Fact, Multiple Owners and Life Tenants

End to End Demonstration

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